Just remember: these are our picks for the most durable hardwood species for flooring. Plus, jatoba’s beautiful reddish-brown grain is always a winner. Oak, maple, and cherry are among the most common species due to their hardness. Seriously—some of the most beautiful wood floor patterns use hickory to make them pop. It’s important to note that red oak and white oak are the names of the trees and not the color of the woods. Are there some disadvantages of cork flooring? Having a durable hardwood floor is one of the most sought-after qualities when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck. Floating floors are easy (and often cheaper) to install. As you may be aware, wood has a relative hardness scale; some are very soft (balsa, for instance) and others, such as Bull Oak, are harder than a coffin nail. High heels can cause denting in less durable flooring materials. Bamboo is eminently sustainable, which is good for the environment and the bamboo industry. Best Value Wood Flooring The best value wood flooring is oak. So, here are some examples of the most durable hardwood floor wood species. Hardness is an indication of how well that wood will stand up to surface-level wear and tear. And while there are only one or two companies currently producing it, hemp rivals all of the most durable wood flooring choices around in terms of hardness and looks. Although oak is the most common hardwood flooring, it isn’t hard enough to withstand normal wear. Specifically we will be looking at suitable high traffic flooring with a wood effect including bamboo cork solid hardwood and laminate. The higher the Janka number the better. Of all the types of flooring out there, vinyl plank is one of the more modestly-priced options. So, here are some examples of the most durable hardwood floor wood species. Bamboo and Laminate: The Two Most Durable Wood Flooring Options… That Aren’t Actually Wood, Laminate is an extremely durable composite flooring, The Most Durable Wood Flooring for Dogs and Other Pets, Conclusion: The Most Durable Wood Flooring Depends on You. The Most Durable Hardwood Floor Woods. As a resource, American Hardwoods are abundant, renewing and sustainable, and an excellent choice for eco-effective design and building. You can even buy engineered bamboo flooring! They’re common with all types of flooring materials. Aluminum oxide is the finish you buy when you don’t want to deal with it at all. Most durable hardwood floors. Durability yields a long-lasting beauty and value to your home or living space. And it’s true—the cost to install engineered wood floors is often less than the cost to install solid wood flooring. Untreated hickory has quite a strong color contrast, going from a gorgeous deep brown to a creamy white shade. Because its amazing grain appears in stripes of alternating colors, just like the stripes of a Bengal tiger! Unfortunately, ash trees are currently threatened by a blight caused by the emerald ash borer beetle, so it may not be the most environmentally friendly flooring choice on this list. It’s a fact of life. This tells you how hardy the flooring is, though you will still need a good finish applied to take the brunt of impacts and also to seal it from moisture. This brings its overall rating (for the purposes of this table) to a modest 12 th. This gives hickory an almost calico look. Cork’s bend makes it self-repairing to a certain degree—super, super important if you’re dealing with paw gouges or an overactive child. Traditionally, they represent wealth, taste and style, with each grain pattern and texture bringing a unique masterpiece of natural splendor to the indoors. You can read more about the differences in our guide to the best bamboo flooring types, but here’s the breakdown: That’s right—natural strand-woven bamboo is almost 3 times as hard as oak, the industry standard. Specifically, the Janka wood hardness scale, a test that measures how much force is required to bury a .444-in diameter steel ball halfway into the sample plank. So when we talk about the most durable wood flooring, this is one of the best bets. And that’s because you can refinish bamboo flooring and wood flooring, but you can’t refinish laminate. Woods like Santos mahogany are probably where you’ll go if you want something a bit harder than hickory. Engineered hardwood is less susceptible to environmental changes, But solid hardwood can be refinished almost indefinitely, Engineered wood can be cheaper to install, Engineered or Solid, a Wood Floor’s Durability Comes Down to 2 Things, Using the Janka Scale to Find the Most Durable Wood Flooring, The 13 Most Durable Wood Flooring Options, #2. Are you going with a budget […], December 9, 2020 Looking for information on the best vinyl plank flooring brands, products, prices, and more? There are many other examples of course, but these examples should give you an idea of what the most durable flooring woods are and what to look for in a wood floor. But if you paid attention above, you’ll remember that engineered wood can’t be refinished as much as solid wood can—if at all. Although sometimes it takes a lot of maintenance to keep up with solid hardwood flooring, it still proves to be one of the most durable. So, think about what suits you best and see what the most durable hardwood floor is for you. Use this flooring stores near me tool to find a local retailer in your area. Some of the most common are: That’s right—two of your most durable wood flooring options aren’t even made of real wood! White Oak happens to also be a very popular wood for flooring. It’s known for its strong shock resistance and density, which makes it an ideal hardwood to choose. Oh, and if low-VOC flooring is a priority for you, don’t worry—you can now find non-toxic laminate flooring options too! Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry): Durable and Resistant to Pests, #10. But Cumaru isn’t just absurdly strong and absolutely stunning. Additionally, these natural oils make teak a naturally water-resistant wood choice (one reason it’s often used on boats). And pro tip: most “mahogany” floors are actually made of Santos mahogany! On the other side of the coin, we have jatoba (sometimes known as Brazilian cherry)—which is, thankfully, resistant to termites and other pests. These will stand up to wear, if you take care of the finish. When it comes to flooring, so many homeowners are attracted to the organic, natural and rustic look of hardwood flooring. That way, you'll know what is going to work best and where. The higher Janka rating, the more durable the wood flooring. It’s not the hardest wood in the world, but as far as woods commonly used for flooring are concerned, it’s #1 with a whopping 3680 Janka rating. And while not all types of floor tiles are glazed, the ones that are are generally more durable. How do you know which species will make the most durable wood flooring? Hardwood floors have been prized for centuries for their beauty and wearability. In addition to the basics – where they grow, general description, and abundance – each Hardwood profile includes working and … It’s called the Janka Hardness Scale. Your email address will not be published. © 2020 FlooringStores, Inc. All rights reserved. With some basic carpentry skills and a few tips, installing a hardwood floor is a relatively easy do-it-yourself project. And it’s not even real wood! They’re not necessarily the most durable wood species in the world, just some of the most durable ones used to make floors! Plus, it’s a super eco-friendly flooring option! Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood): Unique and Striking, #13. If you’re looking for types of flooring that are environmentally green and super, super durable, bamboo might be a great choice. Apart from its fine looks, one of hickory’… Check out this comparison of vinyl plank vs. laminate flooring for more info on that! Initially been introduced at the 1820s and this most durable hardwood floor species increased its popularity throughout World War I,” specially when the metals are in much distribution. Santos Mahogany: An Exotic and Durable Wood, #4. Schedule a No-Pressure Consultation Today. Santos mahogany comes in around 2200 on the Janka scale and features a deep red color with a tight grain. That’s seriously hard. To that end, most of the “ebony” floors you’ll commonly see are actually ebony-stained wood. Exotic woods tend to have the highest Janka rating. White and red oak are very common hardwood flooring species and have a 1360 and 1260 janka hardness rating respectively. Vinyl planking flooring is the fastest growing market in the fake wood flooring universe, and it’s easy to see why. It’s notable for its characteristic grain pattern that sets it apart from other hardwoods. This makes jatoba a great choice for buyers looking for a strong, beautiful, and relatively sustainable wood flooring choice. The first question to ask yourself when looking at hardwood flooring is whether you want engineered or solid wood. Woods with a similar rating include American Beech, Ash, Tasmanian and White Oak. But it’s not just hard—ebony is also the only wood in the world that’s jet black in appearance. You need the most durable wood flooring around. Maybe you have kids; maybe you have overactive animals; maybe they’re one and the same (if so, we sympathize). Softwoods such as fir, pine, and hemlock rarely work well … Bamboo and laminate both look like wood and behave like wood as far as installation and maintenance are concerned—but they’re not actually made from trees. This is by far one of the biggest engineered wood disadvantages there is, though most products purchased from the best engineered wood flooring brands can be refinished at least once. For that, we’d go with hardwood floor alternatives like vinyl plank. Finding the ideal type of wood flooring for dogs can be a challenge, as every wood can be dented and chipped. Maple flooring is commonly used for basketball courts because of its shock-absorbing properties. Vinyl plank is durable; it’s waterproof; it’s beautiful—and it can mimic the […], December 4, 2020 If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “what is a floating floor?” You’re in the right place! Therefore, your floor's durability has a lot to do with it. There is a wide range of hardwood flooring species on the market. Ipe is one of the hardest and most durable woods found anywhere in the world. Ok, yes—bamboo is technically a grass—but since it looks and behaves just like hardwood flooring, we’re going to include it on this list. The most durable hardwood flooring is bamboo. That finish is a barrier between the wood of your floor and everything that's going to happen to it. Licensed Bonded and Insured Hardwood Floors. Ebony flooring clocks in at a super-high 3220 on the Janka scale. Carpet vs. Laminate: Which is the Right Floor for You? Which Finishes Make for the Most Durable Wood Flooring? 2. Regardless of whether you go with engineered or solid wood, your floor’s surface-level durability—its resistance to dings, dents, and scratches—is going to come down to two things: We’re going to talk about both of these aspects in detail below. They can also be cold and unforgiving on your feet if you’re used to walking across plush carpeted floors. Solid Hardwood Flooring. Woods like Santos mahogany are probably where you’ll go if you want something a bit harder than hickory. And i f you’re actively searching for durable types of flooring, might’ve already learned that the hard way. Red oak is rated about 1300 and is generally considered about the minimum you want in hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, these unique qualities make ebony a little too sought-after. Maple is one of the most distinctive types of hardwood flooring. Hardwood Floor Species And Their Durability Cameron The Sandman Rated to last up to 25 years in a single application it makes the surface much less likely to scratch or fade. When we talk about the Janka Scale, we often use oak as a reference point. 4 Of The Most Durable Wood for Hardwood Flooring. But we hope we’ve shown you that a wood floor’s durability depends on so much more than that! However, it's quite soft, which means it is not very durable in its unfinished state. People love the look so much, but they worry about things like damaging the facade of the hardwood and seeing the floors warp over … Teak is an extremely durable wood flooring choice with a Janka rating of 2330. You’ve come to the right place! Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner Tips, Tricks, and DIYs. You need to know upfront that wood selection isn't the be-all, end-all; as a matter of fact, hardwood floor finish makes an enormous difference. You should remember that the wood is only part of the equation. Another highlight of maple hardwood flooring is its durability. And since pet urine, scratch marks, and slobber can all wreak havoc on your floor, you may end up refinishing your wood floors more often than someone without pets. Our advice? Our stock and species available to order-Merbau (PNG Kwila) solid Stocked in most sections.7-10 working days from order if not in stock.and FJL Laminated available to order Used for structural and joinery purposes due to it’s high strength rating , stability and durability. It’s also relatively inexpensive for an exotic import! Some happen to be beautiful woods to look at, which is also important. If, that is, you've selected the right kind of hardwood floor material. This wood not only stands out for its superior density, but also for its appearance. Goncalo alves—also known as tigerwood—sports a 2250 on the Janka scale. While hardwood floors are durable, traction can be an issue with pets as well. Harder, exotic wood species can be cheaper if you opt for engineered materials because they use less of that expensive, exotic wood! For example, looking for the most durable hardwood floors for pets will be different than if you don't have any. There are some dogs that’ll fetch you a drink and lay under your feet, while others will jump around, clawing at your delicate wood flooring. Choosing hardwood with an aluminum oxide finish will help ensure longevity, scratch-resistance and simple upkeep. Softer woods will also require a maintenance coat a little more often. If LAMINATED then you are at the mercy of the wood under the fancy face. Keep in mind while reading that what matters most is what works for you and that no matter if you get the most durable hardwood floor or a softer wood, maintenance cannot be avoided. How Long Does it Take to Replace Hardwood Floors? That’s because oak is one of the most common wood flooring types in the US. Dogs are the best companions, but they can be a little rowdy (we’re looking at you, Jack Russell terriers). Luckily, we have an industry-standard scale for measuring a wood’s hardness. Sign up today and be the first to get notified on new updates. And that’s because strand-woven bamboo flooring can score well over 3000 on the Janka scale. Really strong. For active households, what's the most durable species of hardwood flooring? It’s one of the best hardwood floors for buyers who want a durable surface and a lot of personality in their wood. And for more information on all things flooring, check out: Fredrick is a writer that loves providing a good story. There are two types of polyurethane to choose from: With a controlled scratch and abrasion tests, i test how durable. Affordable and durable, domestic hardwood will give you a beautiful, long-lasting floor at a reasonable budget. At the higher end of the price range, laminate can be even more durable than many wood flooring options. And that means solid wood could be the better choice for you. Below, we’ll dive into the 6 most durable flooring options you can get for your home—including what they’re made of, why they’re so resiliant, and the spots in your home they’re perfect for. These will stand up to wear, if you take care of the finish. Red Oak Natural is still one of the most sought after wood species. If you’re looking for the most durable wood flooring there is, Brazilian walnut is going to be right near the top of the list. Some pre-finished hardwood flooring comes with a 50-year manufacturer's warranty. The species light color and uniform texture also help it appeal to the masses. Again, hemp isn’t technically a type of wood flooring, but it looks just like one and it ranks over 3500 on the Janka scale—so we had to include it. Hardwood floors can be used … If you have a floor that scales lower on the Janka wood hardness scale, it probably isn't the most durable hardwood floor for your home. Hickory is the most durable wood species grown domestically with a Janka rating around 1820. People love maple flooring for its creamy colors, light grains, and gorgeous finish—one reason it’s so popular in contemporary designs. Most Durable Hardwood Floor Finish: Aluminum Oxide. Most people will find, however, that a hardwood floor with a score of 1290 (Red Oak) to 1450 (Maple) will be sufficient for the normal foot traffic and wear and tear in an office or retail space. Sure—but there aren’t many of them. They’re typically 3/4” thick, meaning the flooring can be sanded and refinished multiple times to maintain their attractive look. Why? There are literally hundreds of wood flooring types to choose from. How Often Do I Have to Recoat Hardwood Floors? As we mentioned before, a finish also affects your wood floor’s durability. But remember: like a lot of exotic woods, Brazilian walnut has seen issues with illegal harvesting—so make sure to only buy Brazilian walnut from an FSC-certified retailer. While most types of hardwood floor species will work in a variety of decors, selecting them in certain colors, plank widths or styles can truly define your personal style. The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands, Products, & More. Popular varieties of beautiful hardwood and … blight caused by the emerald ash borer beetle, pros and cons of engineered bamboo flooring, A Guide to Peel-and-Stick Carpet Tiles (& 9 Reasons They’re Amazing). Brazilian cherry, a more exotic species, ranks 2,350. These days, a huge number of wood floors come pre-finished (especially at retail). Think about it this way: if this were a comparison between bamboo flooring vs. laminate or even laminate vs. hardwood floors, you’d most likely want to go with bamboo or hardwood. This method of floor installation is great for DIY-ers and professionals alike. Now, such a door-knob becomes hot with so many options result from jewel-toned accessories out of the Victorian era or you may become specially patter from your midcentury also. That doesn’t mean it’s weak, though. The most durable types of hardwood flooring that you can find are hickory, oak, ash, maple, walnut, ebony, and pecan. There are actually 600 species with red oak and white oak being the most popular, especially when it comes to flooring. How to get a picture for how hard the flooring you're looking at is, you'll want to look up the species on the wood hardness scale. Maple: Contemporary and Shock-Absorbant, #7. But of course, the higher you go on the Janka Hardness Scale, the higher your wood flooring cost is probably going to be. The Different Hardwood Flooring Species. Hardwood—just the word evokes images of charm, … And more importantly, that plasticate wear layer is extremely durable. Why? From our partners at realtor.com. Rated to last up to 25 years in a single application, it makes the … One of the most popular for flooring is bamboo, which has many attractive properties. Jatoba has a Janka rating of 2350. The higher the rating, the more resistant the floor is to dents, scratches and wear. It's relatively inexpensive, great for the homeowner. Here’s why. However, bamboo treated with successive (up to ten) coats of aluminum oxide finish will be quite tough, provided good bamboo and good finishing by a quality producer. Western red cedar is still, however, extremely good for cladding and external frames (Cedar is … Balsa wood has a rating of 22, meaning only 22 pounds-feet of force are necessary to do that. That alone would have earned it a spot on our list of the most durable wood flooring choices. The manufacturing process makes it harder than most common species. The Janka Scale measures the pounds of force needed to shove a steel ball halfway through a piece of wood. There are plenty of homeowners that have had their solid hardwood flooring since they bought their home years ago. You could do it with your hands. The Guide to American Hardwood Species. What can be avoided is an excess number of repairs. Make sure you know what you're looking to get out of a floor prior to choosing flooring material. Red oak, one of the most common hardwood flooring species, ranks 1,290. Black walnut, one of the softer hardwoods, ranks 1,010, while Douglas fir … Then, we’re going to show you our 13 picks for most durable wood flooring. And take it from us, the pros and cons of engineered bamboo flooring are almost all pros. If you’re keen to choose a homegrown hardwood floor species but are looking for something with a distinct character, then hickory flooring might be the best option for you. Whatever the case, your hardwood floors need to stand up to abuse for years to come. Each species of hardwood has distinct patterns, colors and properties. Rest easy, friend—we’re here to help. Required fields are marked *, December 18, 2020 How much does it cost to install vinyl plank flooring? Indeed, when you look at hardwood floors it is hard to deny that they are beautiful. How do you find out which wood species are the most durable? In this guide, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know to choose the most durable wood flooring. You'll pay more for it than the cheapest of bamboo flooring, but it will stand up to abuse about as well as some of the hardier hardwoods out there. Cost can be an issue although that depends on the style and species of flooring you choose. You want to think about your lifestyle when looking at what kind of hardwood floors are most durable. Ash flooring combines an excellent Janka rating of 1320 with a light, stylish grain that looks great in modern designs. When you take … We mentioned bamboo a little earlier, but we want to go into a little more detail since there are so many options to choose from! Sure—if you’re judging based on the Janka Scale alone, strand-woven bamboo and Brazilian walnut are right near the top. For that, you’d be better off going with a specialty product like Mohawk’s RevWood or comparing the pros and cons of tile vs. laminate flooring. And generally, the pros and cons of hickory flooring come down to the fact that some people love its unique personality, while others don’t care for it. In fact, laminate’s only real competitor when it comes to durability is vinyl plank. In fact, the wood is threatened and extremely hard to come by in the amounts needed for flooring. Hickory is a beautiful and unique wood species that sports various colors and a ton of grain character. And it’s strong. These domestic species are perfect for traditional settings or for complementing existing cabinets or furniture. Let’s put it this way. There is no way around this, no matter what wood you select and how careful you are. Not that wood selection doesn't matter, but you do need to know that the finish makes quite an impact too. Solid hardwood floors are the most durable floors on the market. Same goes for if you have children or an active house with lots of moving around. We’re going to talk engineered vs. solid wood; we’re going to talk about the Janka Hardness Scale; we’re going to talk about finish options. It helps to consult with a hardwood flooring installation experts prior to choosing flooring. Unlike solid hardwood, which can warp and swell with these changes, engineered hardwood stays in place. Ipe (Brazilian Walnut): One of The Most Durable Wood Flooring Options Anywhere. But there is one thing we can all agree on: you’re going to need an expert to help you find the best wood floors. At the end of the day, the most durable wood flooring depends on you. What’s the Cost to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring? Unlike maple, hickory has a very defined graining that tends to contrast greatly with the rest of the wood. If a home is to remain in your family, it can outlive you without too much trouble. If he's not on his couch working, he can be found gaming in his man cave. You can tell the durability of the flooring by looking at its Janka rating, which is a measurement of the toughness and durability of wood. Not to mention less maintenance and upkeep, especially if you have pets and or children. If for you, durability is the same as longevity, then solid wood is going to be the most durable wood flooring. Domestic Hardwood Flooring Wood Species like Red Oak, White Oak, Maple and more have always been used for Hardwood Flooring in homes across the United States. Pine will do in lower traffic areas. Exotic woods like mahogany, and Brazilian cherry aren't as durable, but are prized for their striking appearance. One of the most common exotic hardwood species for flooring, Santos mahogany is a super durable wood flooring option. Hickory: The Hardest American Wood Species, #3. Hardwood flooring is increasing in popularity and is one of the most durable choices -- especially when choosing a pre-finished hardwood floor to install. Santos mahogany comes in around 2200 on the Janka scale and features a deep red color with a tight grain. Cherry, a very attractive wood for furniture, has a Janka rating of 995. Hickory is one of the most durable domestic hardwoods, as it ranks 1,820 on the Janka hardness scale. You probably know the difference already, but if not, here’s how it breaks down: If you’re looking for a hardwood floor that can stand up to big swings in temperature, moisture, or humidity, engineered hardwood is probably going to be your best bet. Though it’s not particularly hard (in fact, it’s quite flexible), the best cork flooring products are super durable. On the other hand, if you know that you don't need the most durable hardwood floor because of your lifestyle but wan to ensure you don't need to refinish it very often, you can use a good finish to help improve durability. If you're having trouble decide, give us a call, we've installed all types of hardwood flooring and are happy to help out. If SOLID wood, maple or cherry or oak will do great. Even the best engineered wood flooring options can only be refinished a couple of times (at most) due to the thinness of the veneer. Fun name, right? But remember: while engineered hardwood might be the most durable wood flooring when it comes to environmental changes, it is not necessarily water-resistant wood flooring. As an example; Western Red Cedar is naturally very durable but it is lightweight, soft and therefore will bruise easily. Some happen to be beautiful woods to look at, which is also important. Wood can be purchased with or without a finish, and tile can be purchased with or without a glaze. Any softer and it won't stand up to … Red Oak; Red oak scores a rating of 1290 on the Janka Hardness Scale and is arguably the most popular species in the domestic hardwood category. You’ve probably come across laminate flooring in your research, but if not, here’s the scoop: laminate is a composite flooring product made out of three layers: Basically, laminate can be made to look like absolutely anything thanks to its photo-realistic image layer. And with its Janka rating around 1300 (White Oak rates at 1360 while Red Oak rates at 1290), it’s basically the middle ground when it comes to hardness. So while there might be some disadvantages of hickory flooring, strength is not among them. By investing in the most durable hardwood floor you can, you'll save yourself money in the long-term. It comes already installed on the best prefinished hardwood flooring. But if you can somehow come by ethically-sourced ebony, it is one of the most durable wood flooring options around. While hardwood floors are durable, traction can be an issue with pets as well. They can even help to create […]. You’ve weighed the pros and cons of hardwood, and you’ve decided that you need some beautiful wood floors—but not just any types of wood flooring will do. Natural horizontal bamboo flooring has a Janka rating of, Natural vertical bamboo flooring has a Janka rating of, Natural strand-woven bamboo flooring has a Janka rating of. It can be refinished almost indefinitely! Do it Yourself Flooring: 5 Things you NEED to Know, 9 Reasons The “Carpet vs. Hardwood” Debate is Silly, Snap-Together Tile Flooring: A Total Game-Changer, Advantages and Disadvantages of Floating Floors, How to Replace Flooring: 8 Excellent Ideas. The Janka Hardness scale ranks wood for density and is a reliable indicator of floor durability in regard to hardness and denting. Laminate flooring was invented in the 1970s by Pergo, who still produces it today along with a bunch of other manufacturers (you can check out some Pergo and Pergo Extreme reviews here). One of the most common exotic hardwood species for flooring, Santos mahogany is a super durable wood flooring option. A fantastic choice for residential decking and siding, as well as commercial applications due to its strength and longevity. Imbued with tons of natural oils and resins, teak is extremely glossy and beautiful even without the use of finish. The natural color of oak flooring is very plain and is most often stained to a brown or reddish tint. Instead you probably want to be sure you're buying a durable one that can take lot's of abuse; but the average person probably doesn't know how to sort them out. Cumaru (Brazilian Teak): An Absurdly Durable Wood Flooring Choice, #9. White Oak is the state tree for Connecticut, Illinois and Maryland; Red Oak is the state tree for New Jersey.